Tuesday Tutorials – Owl Wrist Pillow

This one is for those of you who sew (in which case I’m quite jealous of your skills).  I think I’d probably like to sew more if I had a sewing machine…and if I tried sewing more than just hemming pants and fixes holes in my favorite sweater.

Regardless, this tutorial I found easy enough to hand sew, and since my boyfriend plays games on his computer a LOT, and was using just a bunch of socks as a wrist pillow to provide support and comfort, I think this little owl friend will help him out (and it’s much cuter than a bunch of socks).

I found the original tutorial on Leonie’s Creations–kudos to Leonie!

Whip up one of these cute owls for yourself or as a gift, either way wrists everywhere will thank you!

Owl Wrist Pillow


  • 2 pieces of cotton for the back and front: 14×19 cm
  • Little felt pieces for the eyes and nose: 2 circles (light color): 2.5cm diameter, 2 circles (dark color): 1.5cm diameter, 1 triangular piece
  • Bright colored thread, 30 cm
  • Filling


      1. Cut out the back and front piece for the owl. I used 2 different prints for the front and back piece so it looks more playful. Cut out 4 circles for the eyes and a triangular piece for the nose.
      2. Stitch the 2 big circles and the nose on the front piece.
      3. Stitch the 2 small circles on top of the big ones. You can use a distinctive thread color for stitching on the small circles so the eyes look more bright!
           4. Place the back piece onto the front piece with the right sides facing each other. Stitch them together and leave 5cm gap at the bottom.
      5. Fold the owl inside out and stuff it with the filling. Close the 5 cm gap at the bottom. You are done!