Shop: LittleNoteCrafts

You may notice that I frequently feature items from my shop here on Homegrown Joy and post about new projects and collections I’m working on.  Since LittleNoteCrafts is such a big part of my life, I want to share a little background on the store and its founding purpose with you.

My shop on Etsy first opened in 2009 with no real purpose other than a way to sell the tons of extra scarves I had piling up around my apartment. I taught myself to knit while I was in high school and didn’t really stop, so I needed a way to share my creations with other people (I don’t think my family could get any more scarves for Christmas!)  I quickly got distracted by school and work, and after graduating with a degree in Managerial Marketing, I abandoned my shop to work full time at a marketing company.  Two years and long journey later, I found new purpose and a devotion to LittleNoteCrafts.

This new purpose coincides with a lot of the personal changes I’ve gone through in the past year, and gives me a reason to get up everyday and face the world with a smile and a lot of hope.  Put simply, the purpose of LittleNoteCrafts is to reach the hardworking souls of the world and bring more color, more joy, and more happiness to their busy stressful days.  I want to be the change I wish to see in this world, and I want to touch people’s lives to make them a little better.  All items are handcrafted with care and skill, and make excellent and thoughtful gifts not only during the holidays but all year round!

I create scarves, fingerless gloves, mini blankets, and other knit accessories.  Our fingerless gloves were a huge hit this winter season, and I’ve recently decided to sell the pattern for these so fellow knitters can make there own!

I also have beaded, wire and fuzzy jewelry lines.  The colorful sleek wire attracts me with it’s simplicity, and I created fuzzy earrings as a bold statement to the unusual.  They are a little goofy, but the texture is great and when I wear mine I just like to play with the earrings while my mind wanders.  I think they add character to your outfit, and definitely make you smile.  Even if you are laughing because they are silly, you are still laughing!  And again, that’s the whole point–to bring a smile to your face!
Visit my shop here to see what new additions have arrived, pick up all those holiday gifts you’ve been meaning to get (I even do gift wrap!), and use that special discount only available to my readers. (you know you can’t pass up a good deal)

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