Shop: Knitting Naturals

After successfully launching Little Note Crafts in 2012, I’ve decided to open a second Etsy shop called Knitting Naturals, which will feature high-quality, hand knit accessories made from environmentally-friendly and ethically produced natural materials.


100% Merino Wool Lace Hat

I’m focusing on locally-sourced alpaca yarn, organic cotton, and organic wool (or blends of these).  The goal is to bring beautifully made, high quality, hand knit scarves, hats, gloves and other accessories to the world in such a way that is not harmful to our planet.  We envision a world where forests thrive, pollution is reduced, and small artisans are valued for their hard work and talents in creating unique and one of a kind pieces that add depth and meaning to our possessions.

I want every customer to know their hard earned dollars are working to change the world, one small step at a time.  Buying from Knitting Naturals means less pollution in the air and water, fewer harsh chemicals used on garments that you wear, a healthier community, and a thriving Earth.

In addition to producing this new line of ecofriendly handmade goods, Nate and I are working towards building our own environmentally-friendly sustainable small house that will act as a new headquarters for Knitting Naturals.  Read all about this project on the Knitting Naturals blog and if you feel strongly about low-impact living and helping the Earth, please consider making a donation.


Our Tiny House Project

Visit the official website for more info on our mission and details on the benefits of the yarns we choose to use.

You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook.  Be sure to stop by!


Soft Bamboo Scarf

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