Stop Licking Lola

Woah what year!  It’s been a crazy time here at the farmhouse, and I wanted to invite all of you to come join me in the journey 🙂 Nate and I are now co-running our new blog, Stop Licking Lola, which is dedicated to telling our story and sharing with you our adventures.  I still have a blog over at Knitting Naturals too, but I’m keeping that one more focused on business stuff, crafty DIYs, recipes, and the like.  Stop Licking Lola is (in my opinion) more like Homegrown Joy, a fun and casual way for me to share with my followers all sorts of things that happen in my life, with cool pictures and stories.

Please stop by and subscribe to get updates.  I know at least 73 of you signed up for this blog 😀 I expect to see you all over at Stop Licking Lola too!

On to the next adventure!


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