Are You on Auto Pilot?

Do you ever find yourself doing the same things day in and day out, without much thought or effort, like your life is on auto pilot?  Now don’t get me wrong, I think routines are fantastic.  They give structure and comfort to our lives, which can certainly reduce your stress when you don’t need to put a lot of thought into what you have for breakfast or what route you’ll take to work.  I admit I actually look forward to the same awesome bowl of oatmeal with a baked apple and cinnamon in the morning.

But I think often times we put too much of our lives on auto pilot.  I realized this week that I’m bored and unfilled when I go to bed at night.  I get up and go through the same morning routine every day, which I have timed down to the minute.  I go to work the same way, come home and do the dishes, eat dinner, watch some show on my computer, maybe knit a little, and end up going to bed early.  I post the same 3 blog posts every week, buy the same foods at the grocery store, go to the same websites every day.  I don’t feel challenged or inspired by my daily encounters–and while I am very content and have an overall sense of internal calm, I want to feel more alive.

I want to do something fun and exciting, even if that’s just taking a long walk on a different path than usual, or trying some new recipe with an ingredient I’ve never used before.  I left my previous job to enjoy life more, to be less stressed, and to create more happiness in my life and my relationship.

I’m at the point where I need to re-discover and focus on that goal, and I challenge you to do the same.  Are you bored with your daily routine?  Are you on auto pilot?  Try something new today–put together a new outfit from your closet, meet an old friend for lunch, sign up for that class that you’ve been interested in, or help teach someone something new.

If all else fails, simply take a moment to stop, breathe, and enjoy the moment.  Watch the cars drive by the window, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, or watch your dog (or cat) in their own little world.

Do something, anything, different from the ordinary in order to get more out of life and go to bed feeling like you actually lived your life that day, instead of just wandering through it in a haze.


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