Friday Features – Ei Crafter of Colorful Compositions

Friday Features are all about meeting the talented artists and creators of hand crafted goods to share their stories and bring to light the value and beauty found in handmade.

Today’s feature is all about Ei from Colorful Compositions on Etsy!

Tell me about yourself and your shop. 

My shop aims to bring color into the lives of others. I make and design many customizable and functional items. However, despite the many colors I work with, my favorite color will always be yellow! I have a new obsession with watching movies: they let me live lifetimes within a few hours.

How did you start, and why did you choose your craft? How much experience do you have so far?My shop just started a few days ago. I have always loved crafts and would design small things for myself. Suddenly, I realized that I could bring the items I make to others. Thus, I have little selling experience, but have been doing crafts for many years.

Custom Hanging Hot Air Balloon Tea Light Holder

Custom Hanging Hot Air Balloon Tea Light Holder


What influences your work from your life or city? (or anything else that influences you)

I create my work to stand out. Since I live in the city, sometimes my surroundings just aren’t colorful enough. Ideas come up on how I can brighten up life, and then I get to work.

What do you do when you need a little bit if inspiration?

I look at nature. I think about how I can bring it inside and convert it into useful objects.

What is your best achievement?

I would say its my first ceramics piece. It was a mushroom cookie jar.

Custom Lidded Mushroom Jar

Custom Lidded Mushroom Jar

What does handmade mean to you?

Handmade means something that is made with the heart. Every handmade piece is slightly different, because people aren’t machines. It means that one took care and time into actually creating something with his or her own energy.

Do you also offer custom made items? Is it something you like to do?

I do offer custom made items. Since my shop is new, I haven’t had any requests. However, I think I will like doing it, because I love trying new things.

What plans do you have for the future of you business?

First, since my shop is new, I plan to make some sales and get into the market. Then, I plan to start a blog for my shop and try to help others.

Custom "Overflowing" Bowl

Custom “Overflowing” Bowl

Any advice for others looking to sell their handmade items? 

I am new and needing in advice myself, but I would say so far that I have learned that it never hurts to try new things. Post a product and see how people like it.

Many thanks to Ei and be sure to check out the rest of the shop!

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