Tuesday Tutorials – Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Pouches

I feel that ever year Valentine’s Day means something different to everyone I meet.  For some it’s all about romance with a significant other, for others it’s about throwing a small party for mingling singles, and still others consider it a time to get candy and cards for their kid’s classroom.  Really though, Valentine’s Day is just about expressing love and appreciation for those who matter in our lives.

These cute heart pouches are the perfect little gift to say “I’m thinking of you today” whether you have a significant other or not.  Give one to your mom, your friend, or your kid’s teacher.  Make a few manly colored ones for dad, your brother, or the mailman.  They are super fun to make, and although the original tutorial (found on inmyownstyle.com) suggests sewing them closed, I found glue and staples to work just as well and be much less time consuming.

The great thing about these is you can customize them however you like!  Embellish them with button or tags or other fun trinkets, and fill them with candy or a secret little note.   I love getting into the holiday spirit, so rest assured there will be another Valentine’s Day craft next week before Feb. 14th arrives.   Just remember to have fun with it!

Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Pouches



  • Cardstock to make heart template
  • Scissors
  • Decorate paper
  • Glue stick or staples
  • Optional: Fancy scissors for a decorative edges, tags, ribbons, bows, other embellishments
  • Candy to fill the hearts



Fold the cardstock in half and draw half a heart shape.  Cut out with scissors and unfold.


Fold one piece of your decorative paper in half.  Use the template to trace a heart onto the paper.  Cut out the shape to have a perfectly matched front and back.


Use glue or staples to close the two hearts together, but leave a 2 inch opening at the top or bottom.

Fill the heart with candy through the opening, then close the heart.


Embellishment with pipe cleaners, thread, ribbon, yarn, buttons or whatever else you have around.  Get creative and share the love!