The Newest Family Member, Penelope

Meet Penelope!  She’s the newest member of the family and our own little Christmas surprise.  We brought her home from my grandmother’s house, where she was living outside with several other cats from the same litter.  Most of them run scared anytime someone comes to the house, but little Penelope was friendly and wanted some love, so we brought her home with us!

In her cozy new bed

In her cozy new bed

The picture isn’t the best in my indoor lighting, but she is super soft with striking green eyes and the continuous purr of a happy cat.  She goes to the vet tomorrow, and we hope there’s nothing wrong with her.  I’m not sure what mischief she got into while living outside, which includes how she lost the tip of one ear, but she seems pretty healthy.

One downside to spontaneoulsy bringing a cat home on Christmas–nothing is open to get cat supplies!  Not even Wal-mart.  Nate and I stayed up until 6am making sure she was OK and feeding her a bit of tuna before going to the store at opening time to get everything we needed.  I’ll definitely be sleeping well tonight!


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