Tuesday Tutorials – Handmade Hand Warmer

Another great find from Little Birdie Secrets! This easy little hand warmer will save you tons on the one-use kind you buy at the store, and it makes a truly heart-warming gift or party favor.  Try it out!

Heart-Shaped Hand Warmer

1. cut two of the same shape out felt (two hearts, two stars. etc.). make sure they are the same size.
2. sew the pieces together leaving about half-an-inch open.
3. using a funnel, fill the shape with rice through the unsewn opening.
4. hand-stitch the opening closed.
voila! done! so easy and so sweet, right?

About 25 seconds in the microwave is perfect, but you might want to try out a few different cooking times, depending on the size of your warmer. (make sure no metal accidentally gets shoved in the warmer, you don’t want any explosions in the microwave!)

There’s even a cute little tag to add!
Download your own from the original post here.


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