Tuesday Tutorials – Useful Uses for Old Greeting Cards

Every year I get beautiful greeting cards for the holidays, or a birthday, or some other celebration.  Some cards are just too pretty to throw away (I still have tons of graduation cards from years ago), so I wanted to share some easy ways to reuse all those cards!
1. Bookmarks – Make one for yourself or stick it in a book for your favorite bookworm.  A one-of-a-kind bookmark will surely making reading a little more fun.  Depending on how much time/energy you have, you can leave the bookmark a solid rectangle, or use a hole punch on the top and thread a ribbon or tassel though.  Took me all of 7 minutes to make this one.

greeting card bookmark

A leftover piece of ribbon adds a little something special

2. Postcard – Simply cut off the front of the card and use a postcard stamp!  Couldn’t be easier.  This neat watercolor print I rounded the corners on for fun (I have a strange addiction to rounding the corners on stuff I make).

greeting card postcard

There’s plenty of space on the back for a personal message

3. Gift tags – This one is especially useful during the holidays when you can use up all the cards you received the year before.  Cut to size and either tape to the gift or use your handy hole punch and tie right on the package.

greeting card gift tag

A majestic eagle really makes this gift stand out

4. Framed art – Some cards are a work of art.  If you get one, frame it!  I’ve framed several cards that decorate my bookshelves at home.

greeting card art

A reproduction of Picasso just begs to be framed!

Have any other creative uses for old greeting cards?  Share them in the comments!
And on the theme of recycling, stay tuned for next week’s Tuesday Tutorial.  We’re going to start awesome recycling projects just in time for the gift-giving season 🙂 It’s going to be fun!


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