Friday Feature – Dana of Anu Indulgence

Friday Features are all about meeting the talented artists and creators of hand crafted goods to share their stories and bring to light the value and beauty found in handmade.

Today’s feature is all about Dana from Anu Indulgence on Etsy!

Tell me about yourself and your shop.
Anu Indulgence was founded by Dana Wagnon, born from her passion for all-natural bath products. Frustrated with her own skin condition – extreme irritation made worse by commercial products filled with harsh chemicals and detergents, she sought out solutions. The relief she enjoyed using all-natural products inspired her, so much so that she felt had to share it.

A very spiritual person, Dana is convinced “…a higher power gives us the gifts we need. It is up to us to recognize those gifts that are in front of us and put them to good use.” Her beliefs guide her life, as she uses her gifts to make products that pamper the goddess within, nurturing both body and soul.

Hardly by accident, Dana found the story of the Mother Earth Goddess Anu, who brought life to the earth as she watered the first oak tree and nurtured others along her journey. How serendipitous that the translation for Anu is, in fact, Dana. Trusting her intuition, Dana journeys along her path with confidence that each step she takes is right for her, for Anu, and now for you.

Lilli All Natural Cleansing Bar - Clean Scent of Lilly of the Valley

Lilli All Natural Cleansing Bar – Clean Scent of Lilly of the Valley

What really makes our all-natural products better? Our bodies are bombarded at every turn with toxins. Toxins are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, even the methods we use to clean our surroundings and ourselves. Over time, the intake of toxins can exceed what our bodies are able to process, causing chronic ailments and discomfort. Seeking relief, we change our diet, our environment, and products we use in an effort to cure ourselves.

We challenge you to experience the difference all-natural ingredients make – pamper your skin with healing Himalayan bath salts, soothing sugar scrubs and detergent-free soaps. We predict you will soon be hooked.

Himalayan salt comes from ancient mines and contains high mineral and trace elements
Detoxifies and invigorates the skin
Relieves skin irritations and muscle aches

Moisturizes by putting nutrients back into your skin
Natural exfoliant invigorates the skin
Oils relieve skin irritation and nourish several layers deep

Lightly scented without perfumes
All-natural ingredients leave skin feeling soft and smooth
Free of dyes and detergents

As a company, Anu Indulgence has many dimensions. Of course, we hope to spread the love of our products far and wide. But as we do, we will look for ways to soothe not only bodies but also souls that need nurturing. We will contribute to our local and global community, always reaching out to help others find their inner goddess.

Always: Anu Indulgence uses only all-natural ingredients in our products.
Never: Anu Indulgence does not engage in animal testing of any kind.

Something interesting – I LOVE MOVIES and Old Movies.

Florence Pink Himalayan Bath Salts - A Traditional English Garden

Florence Pink Himalayan Bath Salts – A Traditional English Garden

How did you start, and why did you choose your craft? How much experience do you have so far?

2 years of experience.

What influences your work from your life or city? (or anything else that influences you)
I am influenced with helping others. I love to help others. This business will be a way to earn income and give back to others in the community.

What is your best achievement?

My two sons ages 13 and 10.

What does handmade mean to you?

Someone that is able to create something unique with things that they have on hand like people used to do before we became so commercialized. Handmade to me is a labor of love for oneself, community, and is better for the environment.

Do you also offer custom made items?Is it something you like to do?

Yes, I do custom made gift baskets. I have lots of ideas for different products in the future but I am just starting with these.

Design Your Own Gift Basket

Design Your Own Gift Basket

What plans do you have for the future of you business?

I would like to grow this business globally. I would love to quit my day job and would love to employ myself as well as many others. I would like to create a business that makes something good for people and ultimately creates profits to give back to people.

Any advice for others looking to sell their handmade items?

Just keep trying. If you like it and others like it then you have something on your hands. The secret to everyone’s success is getting MANY people to like your product as much as you do.

Many thanks to Dana and be sure to check out the rest of her shop for more great finds!

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