Tuesday Tutorial – A Few Household Tips

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is more like a “handy tips for around the house” edition.  I’ve been trying to cleaning and tidying up like crazy the past few days, for no reason other than I’ve let it go for too long, and wanted to share some really easy and fantastic tips I’ve picked up along the way.


Handy Household Tips


1. Remove a grease stain from clothing with Dawn dish soap.  Just rub a little Dawn into the grease stain before throwing the garment in the wash.  I’ve even used this on a shirt that had

been washed a dried a few times with the grease stain in it, and with a little Dawn it finally came out!

These are dryer balls. I picked up a pair at Bed Bath & Beyond and don’t use fabric softener anymore–these keep laundry fluffy and soft all on their own!

2. Speaking of laundry, keep towels light and fluffy by throwing a few dryer balls (or tennis balls) in the dryer.  They help circulate air which can help cut down drying time, and they keep all those towels from bunching up together while they dry.

3. Want streak-free windows? After cleaning, wipe them down with a wad of newspaper.   I use a microfiber cloth with water to clean and newspaper to dry–I have spotless windows and didn’t spend a dime!


4. Disguise scratches in wood furniture by rubbing a walnut over the damage.   I’ve had some pretty good results with this on some old end tables.

5. Have squeaky hinges but no WD-40?  Use a little nonstick cooking spray or rub a paper towel dipped in oil on the hinge!


Have any household tips and tricks of your own?  Feel free to share them in the comments!


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