Tuesday Tutorials – The Scrapbuster Scarf

Whether you knit or crochet or make yarn wreaths or just tie pretty bows with the stuff, you probably end up with tiny balls of yarn at the end of your project.  If you’re like me and always think “I’m sure I can use this for something,” then you also probably have a whole stash of colorful little yarn balls hanging around your house.
Lo and behold, the perfect solution! Add some color and a little quirk to your winter wardrobe with this awesome Scrapbuster Scarf!  I’m very glad I ran across this idea and pattern, and spent the past few days making my own.

The Scrapbuster Scarf

My yarn was of different weights and textures, so there’s some variation in the look and feel of the scarf, but it’s soft and warm nonetheless.  The pattern calls for whatever yarn you have and whatever size hook you feel comfortable with–I used a size I hook in case you were wondering.   It’s basically an alternating pattern of the shell stitch and V stitch on a foundation chain of 17 stitches, where:

Vst = dc, ch 1, dc in same sp

Shell = 5 dc in same sp

You can find the full pattern here at Sarahndipities (what a cute name, right?), and her other cute crochet projects here.


scrapbuster scarf

My completed creation!


I’m trying to think of other ways to use my future scraps of yarn too.  This was a pretty quick project (the longest part was weaving in all the ends), but I thought about making the scraps into small squares and eventually sewing them together into some kind of big patchwork blanket.

If there are any knitters or crocheters out there, feel free to share what you do with your yarn scraps in the comments.  I’d love to here what other great ideas are out there!