Achievement! My First Sweater

Lately there seems to be a lot of talk about sweaters.  Maybe I’m the only one that notices because like a nerd I read a lot of knitting blogs and have knitters for friends.  Sweater-talk is to be expected though as the weather turns cooler, and as I listened to chatter about cable knits and cardigans that I thought, “I must make a sweater.”  Mind you, I’ve never made a sweater before in my live, knit or otherwise, and I don’t have a large desire to knit a sweater at all (thought owning a hand knit sweater would be a treasure, so I might invest in one).


But in the spirit of fall and sweater-talk, I did learn a new pattern for this thick, warm, and cozy number just for lovely Lola. (Yes, it is crocheted, not knit, in case you were wondering.)  I’m so glad she likes it!  I have a lot of ideas for new products this holiday season, but I am considering working on a line of different sweater designs for dogs for next fall.  In the meantime, Lola makes a great model!