Antiques, Crafts, and Lots of Mud

This past weekend I attended my very first craft show as a vendor.  Boy oh boy, was it an experience!  It was a two day outdoor show, which posed a lot of unique challenges. muddy car It had rained the entire day on Friday, making Saturday morning a mud bath.  I was shocked at all the trucks that got stuck driving in, and I was so afraid my poor little car wouldn’t make it!  Even in the least soupy spots the mud got all over the place.


Saturday though the weather was gorgeous! Sunny and bright and good for business.  I do think I need to improve the display a bit to be more inviting (I’m not a huge fan of the blue), but it was a good, albeit long, day.  With Sunday the rain rolled in, and while we didn’t have to set up or tear down in the rain (thank goodness) it did keep attendance low for a large part of the day.  I did have two of the most wonderfully fun young women come in towards the end of the day–they were the big spenders of the weekend picking up a few flower pins and a scarf!  They certainly lifted my spirits on an otherwise slow day.


me on Saturday


Despite the rain and mud, I still made double my table fee and am really glad I went.  It was a learning experience on how to display and personally sell my items, what people really think of my items, and I gained a lot of great feedback.  Some of my most popular items were crocheted flower pins and small marble charms, but everyone commented on the beauty and colorfulness of my knit items as well.


I’m not sure the show was necessarily my target market, but as I’m learning I think I’ll gain a better understanding for what shows work for me and which aren’t really worth it.  I will say though that the people I met were wonderful, and I handed out a lot of cards… maybe more online sales are on the horizon for the holidays?  I can only hope so.

Want to more pictures from the show?  Check out my Facebook album for all the wonderful items on display.  Now back to focusing on Etsy and getting ready for my next Avant-Garde show in December.  I’ll be developing some new Christmas and winter items specifically designed for gift giving (even if the gift is just for yourself!).  Stay tuned for updates!











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