Tuesday Tutorial – How To Tie a Pretty Ribbon Bow

Ah, another week, another great lesson on how to do stuff!

If you haven’t heard already, I have MY VERY FIRST craft show coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’ve been crafting like crazy!  There is so much to think about when selling in person vs. selling online, but those details are worthy of a separate post.  In preparation for the show I’ve been making Christmas ornaments–specifically crochet stars and pine cones.  The pine cones (in my opinion) looked a little plain, so I wanted to add some pizzazz.  What better way than with a cute little ribbon?

So today we focus on bow making!  My whole life I’ve wanted to learn how to make pretty bows out of ribbon that lay flat and look nice (mine are always a little crooked and not nice looking), and today I learned how.

How to Tie a Bow

From Ellinee Journal

How to tie a bow

Easy as pie!  I do say my little pine cones are now worthy of any tree, garland, or door they want to hang from.

Crochet Pine Cone Ornaments

Set of 2 Crochet Pine Cone Ornaments


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