Turn Only to Nature to Find Inspiration

Today I walked to the mail box.


This probably seems like nothing to most people, but let’s consider what that means.

1. I’m well enough to get off the couch and look presentable enough to leave my house.

2. I live in an apartment and the mailbox is a good jaunt down the parking lot, so it’s not a super short trip.

3. I got to walk Lola, who has been pent up for a few days.

4. I got to go outside, and breathe fresh air, and see the leaves changing colors and falling.


I must say, I find nature truly wonderful.  Of all the interests and loves I’ve had in my life (which has included collecting small objects, various diets, playing sports and instruments that I no longer do), nature is one of the constants. Hence why I find it awe-inspiring and fantastical and amazing.  It’s always there, unrelenting, day after day, season after season.  Every year the leaves change color–deep autumn reds and golden yellows and bright oranges–and every year new life springs forth!  Tender green leaves on every branch of the trees that had bare arms for many cold months.  They endured, they survived, and they bring new life and hope to the world every spring.


Think about how powerful and humbling nature is.  Everything man creates can be torn apart, worn down, disintegrated by nature over time.  It’s mind-blowing (to me anyway) to think that the same forces that grow the blades of green grass on our lawns can produce chaotic storms and hurricanes and tornadoes that rip through towns.  But nature gives me the inspiration, motivation, and drive to be true to myself and keep persevering.  Keep pursuing the dream to do what I love, all the while connecting with people and nature and all the good things on this earth.


Some people think I’m too optimistic–that I see the world through rose-colored glasses and am naive even.  I say I am not naive to the horrors that are out there, but simply choose to see the good in the world and trust in the good of other people.  After all, we’re all trying to get through this thing called life the best we can.  I’d rather be happy while I take my journey than expect disaster at every turn.  Every once in a while I know there will be storms in my life, just as there are storms in nature, but we must make it through and survive.  There are always warm sunny days ahead that will bring new hope, even if you can’t see them yet from the dead of winter.





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