Tuesday Tutorials – Pinecone Garland

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial comes from Twig and Thistle, who shared this adorable and rustic how-to for holiday pine cone garland.  I love nature, so anything that can bring a little of the outdoors in is something that makes me smile, and this decoration is so simple to make that I felt it was worth sharing!  Using different ribbon color you can hang this for fall and the transition right into the Christmas season, and it’d look beautiful on a mantle or staircase–since I have neither of those I’m hanging mine on my curtain rods as added window decoration.  It helps that my curtains are already dark brown, but use your imagination on where to hang yours!

Now I just have to get to pine cone collecting…




Also, try this door decoration that uses the same materials that would make a lovely companion to the garland. Instead of stringing the pine cones to the ribbon simply tie a ribbon to each hook then tie all the ribbons at the top and hang!



What You’ll Need:
Pine Cones
Screw Hooks
Hole Punch

1. Begin by measuring your mantel or space that you’d like to hang your garland and cut your ribbon. Remember to leave extra for hanging. Once you’ve determined the length, space your pine cones out as you like on a flat surface. The pine cones I used were fairly large so I kept about 4 inches between each one. On the back of the ribbon discreetly mark where each pine cone will go, then punch a hole with a small craft punch. I used an 1/8″ round circle punch like this one.

2. Once you know how many pine cones you’ll need, screw in one screw hook into the top of each pine cone. This takes a little practice and you may need a little elbow grease but once you get the hang of it it goes pretty quickly.

3. Poke each hook through the hole you’ve made in the ribbon and hang! Easy as pie and something that will last for seasons to come!


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