Always Be Improving

Alas, it has been almost 2 months since I re-opened my Etsy shop, and with only 1 online sale to date I started looking closely at my items this past week.  I believe that complaining in this business gets you no where, you have to continually be improving, learning, and growing if you want to build a successful business.  So it was time to take a hard look at what I was showing to the world.

Some of my items I admit were not my best work, but I felt they had great potential.  So this week I’ve been focusing on improving what I have (in addition to adding new items) and spending less time online, which I found I had been doing way too often.  After all, I can network and promote like crazy, but none of that matters if I don’t have quality products to showcase once someone reaches my shop. To quote Naomi from IttyBiz, “You have to make something GOOD.” Blunt but true advice.
Remember the pom-pom I made during Tuesday’s Tutorial?  I decide to make 5 more of them, along with 4 dark country blue ones and added them to a very plain neutral scarf I had hanging out in my shop.  I think pom-poms just add a lot of fun to anything–it’s something special about the scarf, and they aren’t super bright and childish, but a darker color palette so it’s still acceptable for a woman to wear.  Not a HUGE change, but I’m hoping it’s enough to pique someone’s interest.  Personally, I’m infinitely happier with the item now than I was before.



Pom Pom Detail

I also took hours to rip apart a rainbow blanket I knit together and re-purposed the super soft yarn into a scarf.  I love scarves for some reason so I tend to gravitate towards them more than anything else, but the blanket itself I wasn’t 100% happy with, similar to the scarf.  It was fine, but not great, and the yarn just didn’t seem to want to be a blanket.  It stretched weird and hung strangely.  It feels and looks so much better as a scarf!  It’s now something I am proud to offer and would wear myself!



Moral of the story: Always be improving!  And although I applied it to my craft, think of ways to keep improving your life, your health, and yourself to live in happier days.  Read a book, learn a new skill, sign up for a class, go for a long walk, volunteer, donate the stuff that clutters up our lives anyway.  You’ll feel better and be better for it.
Go forth with the spirit of learning, improving, and being better today!


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