An Apple A Day

Yes, I have an apple every single day.  Not really to keep the doctor away (though I certainly think fruit helps keep you healthy of course), but I do it because I just really love the taste and feel of a crisp cool apple.  And today I was pleasantly surprised when the apple I pulled from the fridge still had a little leaf attached.  It made me smile, knowing that little leaf survived the picking, processing, bagging, and shipping of that apple all the way to my home.

So much of our grocery store produce is shipped from far away places, and packaged up and displayed on shelves.  Sometimes I can easily forget the ‘realness’ of the fruit, the beauty of something that grew from the earth, the simple amazing qualities of sweet nutrition nature provides us.  We are so disconnected from what we eat, where it comes from, and how it came to be.

A personal goal of mine is to buy more locally grown foods, and eat seasonally, to get back to how people really had to eat all year round–a diet dictated by nature.  So far that plan is only in it’s beginning stages, but I think part of it is stopping more often to really look at our food.  Think about where it came from, and ask yourself if there is a better way to get it.  After all, isn’t your health and life and body worth taking care of everyday?

All of this from a simple leaf I found on my apple this morning.  Just some food for thought.


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