Tuesday Tutorials – Pom Poms

Tuesday Tutorials are quick how-to posts on anything from How to Make a Pom-Pom to tips on How to Make Great Homemade Bread to How to Save Seeds for Next Year’s Garden and everything in between!  Have a tutorial idea or something you’d like to see here? Contact me (through any venue, I check them all everyday) or leave a comment here with your thoughts.  Enjoy learning something new today!

How To Make a Yarn Pom-Pom

Maybe you’re new to knitting, or a seasoned knitter looking for a new way to add flair to your pieces, or maybe you don’t knit at all and just want to embellish your life with the cheery playfulness that are pom-poms.  No matter how skilled you are, you can make your own pom-poms in a matter of minutes, and you DO NOT need to spend money on those fancy pom-pom makers at the craft store.  With some scissors, cardboard, and something circular to trace, you can create your own pom-pom maker to use over and over again.

Gather supplies

  • You’ll need cardboard, scissors, a tapestry needle (or other long sharp sewing needle), and something circular to trace.  For this example I’m making small pom-poms (about 1.5 inches in diameter) and used a standard 1 oz shot glass.

Cut out Template

  • Trace the bigger rim of your glass onto the cardboard to form 2 circles.   Cut out each circle with the scissors.  Draw a small inside ring on these 2 larger circles.  For this size I used the end of a glue stick.  You don’t need to be an exact size here, just use the picture below as a guide.  It is important that you have it close to center.  Cut out the inside circles, giving you an open doughnut shape.
  • Trace the smaller end of your glass onto the cardboard to form 2 circles.  Cut these out and insert the needle through the center of both.  These are used later in the process.

    Pom Pom Maker Kit

Make the Pom-Pom

  • Cut a small piece of yarn and lay it on one of the larger open circles, like this:
  • Then lay the other larger open circle on top.  You’ll want to hold these together tightly so the yarn does not slip out.
  • Start wrapping the rest of your yarn around the cardboard.  I start in the center and work my way to one end, then double back, do the other side, and finally end in the middle.  This ensures an even distribution of the yarn throughout the pom-pom.  The more times the yarn is wrapped, the thicker and more dense your pom-pom will be.  You may want to experiment with this depending on the type of yarn you’re using.

  • Tie the two ends of your center string in a simple slipknot and pull as tight as you can.  If you wrapped your yarn tightly around the cardboard, the center yarn may not move much with you pull to tighten it.  That’s OK! Just make sure the knot stays in place.

  • Take your scissors and insert them between the two pieces of cardboard.  Then cut the wrapped yarn, working your way around the circle. Then it should look like this:

  • Pull the slipknot tight again, and carefully slip out the cardboard template.  Pull again until the yarn is as tight as you can get it (you don’t want you pom-pom falling to pieces!), and tie it with another knot for good measure.


  • Now we need to trim the pom-pom for that polished and round look we all want.  Take the two smaller we cut out earlier and sandwich the pom-pom between them.  Then insert the needle through the center of the whole thing (for stability).

  • Take your scissors and trim the edges of the pom-pom around the cardboard circle.  I recommend you do this over a trash can or have a vacuum ready.  My roommate in college would make pom-poms all the time and our carpet looked like a mutli-colored snowstorm happened in our room.

Remove the cardboard, fluff your pom-pom, and you’re ready to tie it to anything you want!

The template can be used over and over, and you create different sizes to fit all sorts of different projects.  I even added some to my red fingerless gloves to get them ready for Christmas!  Have fun making these little fluffy balls to your heart’s content.  After the template is complete, it really only takes me about 5 minutes or less to make one.  You can even add them to gift wrap as a unique alternative to a regular bow.  How cute would that be?
I hope this has be a learning experience!  If you have an comments, questions, or ideas for future tutorials, please leave your comment below.  Thank you!

Great way to show your holiday spirit!


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