Start of a New Chapter

This is my first blog post ever–EVER.  I never thought I’d be starting a blog actually, but yesterday was my last day of work at my full-time job and we just moved to our new apartment about 2 weeks ago, so with this new chapter of my life beginning I wanted a way to connect to other people.

I’m working extremely hard to get my crafting business going, and enjoying some new found perspective on what’s important in life.  Like being home more to spend time with and take care of the relationships that matter most, and making time to enjoy the small things in life.  Really that’s the underlying theme for this whole blog, to find joy in the small things and share them with the world.  Like this perfectly purple fringed scarf I made today.  The color is so rich and elegant, it makes me smile to wear it!

Newest addition to my shop LittleNoteCrafts

As for leaving work, it’s a strange feeling, to not have to go back to the same office I’ve been driving to for over 2 years.  In those 2+ years I sat in the exact same desk at work, but moved 4 times in that same period.  I’m hoping we’ll be in this new place longer than a year.  It’s small but cozy, and fits us well with just me, my boyfriend (Nate) and our dog (Lola).  The plus side is cleaning the entire place takes only about hour (meaning more time to craft, or walk the dog, or generally enjoy my Saturday doing something that isn’t chores).

It’s late so I’ll keep this one short, but I have super awesome plans for this blog so spread the word and come back often!  I hope it becomes everything I dream it can be and more.


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